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Sonja is our physiotherapist with a special interest in exercise-based rehab and functional strength. Here she give you a step-by-step guide as venture back to the training room. Sonja has a very cute cat called kimchi. As we approach the long-awaited re-opening of gyms on 22nd June, some of us are very excited and enthusiastic […]


Billy is our physiotherapist with a keen interest in sport, especially football. The influence of COVID-19 has been significant and far reaching across society and certainly includes the passionate world of community sport. However, with the easing of restrictions we are beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel for the return […]

Telehealth appointments available and a guide to covid -19 for our special pregnant clients – stay well and be kind everyone

Please find attached a (17.3.2020) guide on Covid-19 from rcog (Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) for our treasured pregnant clients. Our best wishes to you all. Please note Telehealth appointments are available to anyone who needs an appointment but is unable to attend the clinics. Call INP 90896666 CHP 94861918 CHP&R 9481 2955 for more […]


The month of March is the nominated month for raising awareness for endometriosis around the world. Endo is a relatively common condition and statistically affects up to 1 in 10 women. Did you know that physiotherapy can help improve your journey living with endometriosis? Endometriosis is a condition where, for reasons still unclear to medical researchers, […]

We are excited to announce our new Aquatic Physiotherapy classes with Daniel starting in March

One of our fabulous physios, Daniel Zeneurt is now offering aquatic physiotherapy sessions (hydrotherapy run by a trained physiotherapist). Being in thermoneutral water is a fantastic environment to exercise in. For some conditions, certain exercises on land are simply not possible, whether because of weakness, pain or otherwise. Aquatic physiotherapy can be a great option […]

Medial tibial stress syndrome- an update from Adriane

Shin Pain – an insight into the condition and its rehabilitation. Medial tibial stress syndrome presents as pain along the shin bone and is often referred to as “shin splints”. It is a relatively common injury and can affect athletes involved in impact sports, and up to 35% of runners. The cause of shin pain […]

Born Ready

We are excited to introduce Born Ready….  In collaboration with our friends at the The Physiotherapy Clinic in Bondi Junction in Sydney and Inner North Physiotherapy, our own physio Ali is bringing Born Ready to Melbourne.  A course designed by physios, with informed choices and better birth experiences in mind!  This is a 4 hour […]

Choosing your running footwear- all you need to know !

Did you know Josh trained as a Podiatrist before becoming a  Physio?  Here are his expert tips on choosing your running footwear: As Physiotherapists we are asked for advice on appropriate running footwear several times each day. Footwear companies often make exaggerated and misleading claims about the wondrous properties of their shoes, which can make […]


In an endeavour to mix up our education and share knowledge, this morning our enthusiastic Team Pelvis met up over breakfast for Book Club. Each of us presented on a different book A Headache in the Pelvis (Issy) Ending Female Pain (Adriane) Mindfulness (Rosie and special guest the beautiful Emilia) The Gut (Kiera) The Body […]