Born Ready

We are excited to introduce Born Ready…. 

In collaboration with our friends at the The Physiotherapy Clinic in Bondi Junction in Sydney and Inner North Physiotherapy, our own physio Ali is bringing Born Ready to Melbourne.  A course designed by physios, with informed choices and better birth experiences in mind!  This is a 4 hour workshop covering sections on pregnancy, birth and the post-natal period. 

Born Ready evolved out of the desire to empower those giving birth with more information, physical skills and practical tools to navigate their pregnancy, birth and post-natal journey. 

Born Ready equips you with the knowledge to be an active part of decision making, prepare your physical body for the task ahead, allow you to realise there is no ‘right way’ for birth, and allow for a positive experience no matter what happens on the day.

Our physiotherapists are experts in movement and biomechanics, the musculoskeletal system, and pelvic floor function and therefore are well placed to educate those giving birth on these components of delivery and recovery. 

The courses for this year will be run in March, June and September and are recommended for those between 20-36 weeks of pregnancy.  Partners are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

For further information and to book please head to:  OR

Or contact Ali on: for any questions.

We look forward to further supporting you and your body through this powerful journey!