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Clifton Hill Physiotherapy                                                                           Online bookings are only available for some
111 Queens Parade                                                                                                     practitioners and some conditions. Please contact us
Clifton Hill VIC 3068                                                                                                if you would like to make an appointment for pelvic
P| 03 9486 1918                                                                                                         pain, pelvic floor rehabilitation, neurological,
F| 03 9486 5650                                                                                                         vestibular, persistent pain and paediatric conditions.

Patient Feedback

Clifton Hill Physiotherapy  endeavours to provide the best service possible to meet the expectations of all of our patients. We do this through a commitment to ongoing education, training and research to keep us up-to-date with current scientific evidence and practice.

Accordingly, we are always seeking to improve, and we welcome your feedback. Similarly if you have a complaint, please contact us directly on