Exercise and technology – how can technology help me get enough exercise?

Paul is one of our physiotherapist with a special interest in exercise prescription to improve function. Here Paul chats about some of the program s we use to help you achieve your goals.

We have all asked ourselves; “how much exercise do I need to do to stay healthy?”. Well, if we go back to basics, the World Health Organisation has set out clear guidelines for us to follow.

While, in a perfect world, we would get enough exercise, sometimes trying to meet the daily requirements is hard and we find ourselves with muscle strains and joint sprains. If you’ve been in this position before, then technology can help.

Physitrack is an online exercise program used by Clifton Hill Physiotherapists. This is a free App that will have a personalised exercise program made for you by your physio. We try to go paperless, but of course if you prefer a hardcopy we can easily print your program for you. Lucky for me, my drawing of stick figures are a thing of the past.

Once you are progressing through your program, then there are other apps we can introduce which will continue to monitor your cardiovascular load and progress you safely through exercise.

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