Exercise – effective treatment for knee pain

At Clifton Hill Physiotherapy we see many patients with knee pain – a very common complaint for people of all ages.

Our experience shows physiotherapy can be a very effective treatment approach, typically including a combination of specific exercises to build strength and mobility, as well as selected use of ultrasound and electrical stimulation treatment.

The problem we see, which is supported by exercise research, is that many patients start their treatment program, but quickly give up when rapid progress isn’t seen to be made.

Australian researchers at La Trobe Exercise Medicine Research Centre point out that the longer a person has had pain, the longer their rehabilitation is likely to take.

In reality this means most patients need to commit to a significant program of exercise and treatment if they want to return to anything like normal function, since it takes time for the body to recover and repair itself.

This article and short video provides an excellent case study in the treatment and progress of a typical active male’s knee problems, proving a systematic approach and commitment to exercise can deliver significant positive long term results.

If you or someone you know has knee pain feel free to contact one of our physiotherapists for advice or a consultation to learn how we can help.