Ice and Heat Application

Suggestions For The Application Of Ice And Heat

RICER means: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation and Referral – these are essential elements for a quick recovery from injury.

Managing a Soft Tissue Injury with R.I.C.E.R.

R = Rest
Rest reduces further damage. Avoid as much movement as possible to limit further injury. You may need to reduce weight on the injured part of the body.

I = Ice
Apply ice to your injury for 20 minutes every 2 hours. Continue this treatment for the first 48 -72 hours. Ice cools the tissue and reduces pain, swelling and bleeding. Ice can burn if its too cold, take care.

C= compression
Apply a bandage covering the injured area as well as the areas above and below. Compression reduces bleeding and swelling. Do not have the compression too tight.

E = elevation
Elevate the injured area to stop bleeding and swelling. Place the injured area on a pillow for comfort and support.

R = referral
See your physiotherapist for precise diagnosis and ongoing care and treatment.

Remember to AVOID the following H.A.R.M. factors

Saunas, spas and hot water bottles all increase bleeding to the injury site.

Alcohol increases swelling.

Any form of exercise can make the injury worse as blood flow is increased.

Massage to the injury site in the first 72 hours increases internal bleeding.