LEAP STUDY RESULTS -Physiotherapy benefits in Gluteal tendinopathy

Finally the results of the LEAP study we were involved in have been published. The study was investigating management of gluteal tendinopathy and it showed convincingly that physiotherapy, which includes education and exercises, is superior to cortisone and control not only at one year but even at the short time point at 8 weeks. The Global Rating of Change was the main outcome , but the Pain outcome for physiotherapy was less at 8 weeks. (just finished the 8 week treatment program ) than 52 weeks which suggested a drop-off of benefit on pain when active treatment stopped ie they have to keep it up !!!
Well done Henry who co-authored the paper published this week and thanks to our Physios involved for their help in what was a massive task.
We have attached the paper-you can check out the pretty cool infographics with the main findings.