Physitrack – The app we use for your treatment When there’s an app for just about everything these days, we’d like to fill you in on Physitrack – the app we use for your treatment. At Clifton Hill Physiotherapy, we like our patients returning to their normal movement as soon as possible and continuing your treatments at home, with the aid of this app, can help. What is Physitrack and how does it work? Physitrack is a home-based exercise program set by your physiotherapist. It provides clients with 3D video and photographic exercises that can be printed, sent to your computer, or set up on an app. Home-based exercises done simultaneously with physiotherapy treatment can hasten your return to normal function, as well as provide pain relief. Do all clients get access? Your treating physiotherapist will decide if they use the Physitrack program for your exercise prescription. If you have a particular wish to use the program, then please mention it to your treating therapist. Benefits of Physitrack The Physitrack App has the unique benefit of allowing you to view your home exercise program on your mobile phone or your computer.

  • All exercises come with a comprehensive description of the elements, so patients can complete them successfully
  • Some exercises have videos to demonstrate what’s involved
  • In some cases, your physiotherapist can track your progress
  • There’s also a library of patient education sheets on a multitude of conditions, injuries and their management, anatomy and ergonomics

Physitrack – The app we use for your treatment At Clifton Hill Physiotherapy we understand that keeping up with your physio exercises daily can help cut recovery times and the app Physitrack can help with a home-based program set up by your physiotherapist. Talk to your treating physio at your next appointment about if it might be beneficial to you.