MyPhysio App: Better Communication, Better Understanding, Better Results

Clifton Hill Physiotherapy now has an App !!

See the easy steps for utilizing this app below – ask your Clifton Hill Physiotherapist about

getting your exercises sent directly to your app, all you need to do is to download the app

from the Itunes store for free and then open the email or sms your physio sends you after

your consultation.

1. Download the phone application from iTunes Store or Google Play

Click here to get the App               Click here to get the App

At this stage the App is inactive; it has no practice branding, exercises or health information

2. When you see your Clifton Hill Physio they will put together a program for you and send

you a  program link directly to your phone via email or sms.

3. Open the sms or email link on your smartphone. Exercise prescriptions, videos, information

modules and branding are uploaded to the client’s phone in around 60 seconds.

The App and all of its features are ready to use!

Please try it out and give your physio feedback.