PICK MY PROJECT- educating women in pelvic health

The recent state government initiative is currently in full swing and voting is underway! 30 million dollars worth of funding has been invested to encourage individuals to submit project ideas to benefit their local community and our women’s health physio, Ali has submitted a project!

Ali’s project is aimed at women of all ages and backgrounds. It will involve a quarterly education seminar addressing common concerns and important areas of pelvic health in an interactive manner. The sessions follow the lifespan of women, beginning with adolescent females, through pre & post natal phases and menopause. Common concerns will be addressed for each stage of life, including normal pelvic floor health, good bladder and bowel habits and sexual function.

We know that pelvic floor dysfunction is a common concern and affects up to 1 in 3 women! Here at Clifton Hill and Inner North Physiotherapy we continue to work hard to promote education around pelvic health within our communities. These seminars will be able to reach further audiences and will be presented in a captivating and interactive fashion to inform, educate and provide solutions to these everyday problems. Ali’s project aims to empower women to liberate themselves from the ongoing stigma around pelvic health.

Please check out Ali’s project on the link below, and if you live within 5km of Thornbury register to vote and get voting! There are many excellent community initiatives so have a look through the projects and help someone make a difference! Voting closes September 18th!