The Knee Clinic

Discovering the real cause of your problem and finding the most effective management for you

DSC_0901-150x150Dr Sallie Cowan leads the knee pain clinic at Clifton Hill Physiotherapy. Sallie is internationally recognised as a leading clinician, researcher and educator in the diagnosis and management of knee pain. The knee pain clinic provides a complete approach for those suffering from knee pain, recovering from knee surgery or knee injury.

All physiotherapists at The Knee Clinic are trained in world best practice assessment and management of knee pain. Our physiotherapists are actively involved in research and post graduate education ensuring that we are at the forefront of new developments.

Our highly trained team of physiotherapists provide the best level of care for all knee conditions. Using a hands-on and evidence-based approach, we achieve outstanding results. We will educate you about your condition and provide you with a personalised plan and self management strategies. Our extensive experience in managing all knee conditions will ensure you get back to your best.

Our practice offers a service that stands apart, as we value excellence in quality care delivered by highly qualified, empathetic and experienced Physiotherapists.

Why we make a difference

DSC_1003-150x150When you see one of our highly skilled and experienced physiotherapists we will:

  • Provide the most comprehensive assessment of your knee and any other contributing areas
  • Provide you with a individualised plan to get your knee back into action
  • Utilise the best available evidence and our extensive experience to determine what is best for your knee
  • Use innovative techniques to get you back to your best including
    • Powertrak strength and stability analysis
    • ViMove analysis
    • EMG biofeedback
    • Dry needling
    • Ultrasound biofeedback
    • DSC_0908-150x150Assess the biomechanics of your hip, knee & ankle
    • Video analysis of your knee biomechanics
    • Mirror therapy

If indicated we will liaise with your doctor, personal trainer or coach, refer you to a specialist or order the appropriate scans (x-ray, ultrasound, CT & MRI).

We frequently treat

Patellofemoral pain, 
Patellar tendonosis (tendonitis), 
Knee osteoarthritis
, Knee replacements
, ACL reconstruction
, PCL tears
, Meniscal tears
, Ligament injuries, 
Patellar instability, 
Patellar dislocations, 
Articular cartilage damage
, ITB friction syndrome
, Hamstring tendonosis, 
Popliteal tendonosis
, Fat pad impingement
, Osgood Shclatters disease,  Sinding-Larsen–Johansson syndrome Post surgery rehabilitation

And a wide range of other knee conditions. Please call us to discuss your individual

What’s involved

When you ring up and book into the knee clinic our friendly receptionists will organize an Initial appointment for you with Dr Sallie Cowan.  At this appointment Sallie will take a comprehensive history and examine your knee. You will complete a number of outcome questionnaires and discuss your goals for your  knee. During this appointment Sallie will determine the most appropriate baseline assessments to be completed and these will be booked for a follow up assessment day.

On your second appointment you will complete a number of assessment tasks which may include video analysis of your knee, balance assessment, Vi Move analysis, powertrak strength and stability analysis. This information combined with that of your first appointment will then be used to plan the best course of treatment and management for your knee.

Call us to book an appointment at The Knee Clinic or to find out more information.