At Clifton Hill Physiotherapy we are fortunate to be one of the only physiotherapy clinics to be able to offer Uroflow Assessment. We have the FloPoint Elite Uroflow System to help us comprehensively and scientifically assess your voiding function.


Uroflowmetry, also called a uroflow, is used to test the amount and speed of urination. This test helps your continence physiotherapist to identify the cause of voiding issues (emptying your bladder). To maintain a healthy Urinary Tract System it is important that your bladder is emptying smoothly and completely. Your Physiotherapist may suggest a Uroflow if you have any of the following:

  • a slow, split or sluggish stream
  • difficulty emptying
  • recurrent bladder infections
  • after dribble
  • incomplete emptying
  • double voiding
  • overflow incontinence
  • dysuria (pain with voiding)

We use the Uroflow in conjunction with our Real Time Ultrasound to look at your bladder function and to measure your Post Void Residual (how much urine is left in your bladder after voiding).


The Uroflow test is as simple as going to the toilet. Your Physiotherapist will give you instructions regarding attending your appointment with a moderately full bladder and the system sits in the toilet and remotely reports the results instantly to our PC. Your Physiotherapist will discuss your results and any strategies required to improve your voiding. They will refer you to the appropriate Specialist if indicated.

Call us to arrange a Uroflow test or to ask for further information.