Desk Chair Setup

Desk Chair Setup 300 225 zibmedia zibmedia

Having your office chair well set up is important to keep your spine happy.

The basic features of a good office chair are :


  • Adjust chair height keeping your knees level or just below hip height with your feet flat on the floor.
  • If your seat has a pelvic tilt, set to a slight forward incline promoting  a natural inward curvature of your lower.
  • Move the lumbar support so that it fits snuggly into the curve of your lower back.
  • Avoid prolonged sitting by regularly getting up to move around and readjust your posture
  • Sneak in a few stretches when you grab that coffee

You do not need to be in in one set posture for prolonged periods. The key is to have a good set up for you, but to keep moving regularly.

Remember your spine will be thankful when you keep your supportive postural muscles strong with regular exercise.