How can pilates help you work from home?

How can pilates help you work from home? 768 1024 admin admin


With more of us working from home, spending large number of hours at our desk is unavoidable. The combination of sustained postures, poor muscle endurance and reduced flexibility is causing musculoskeletal problems. The Pilates exercise method has been shown to enhance postural awareness and improve flexibility which in turn helps to relatively unload our spine and tissues (1,2). In addition, it can increase postural muscle strength and endurance, enhancing your physical capacity (1,2).

At Clifton Hill Physiotherapy, we can help identify contributing factors to your pain and discomforts and develop a clinical exercises plan to beat the sitting niggles. We love helping people achieve their goals in our beautiful studio.

Parinaz Alizadeh (Physio & Pilates Clinical Exercise Instructor)




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