Endometriosis Awareness Month

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March is endometriosis awareness month 

Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 people born with a uterus, but the good news is there is so much available to the brave patients we see who trust us to help them, we thank you.

Here are some endometriosis truths

  • Missing work or school due to your period is not normal, speak with your GP.
  • Symptoms may include pain, heavy or irregular bleeding, bladder and bowel symptoms, reduced fertility, mood changes, and fatigue.
  • The pain is not all from the endometriosis and understanding endometriosis and pain can really help manage your diagnosis.
  • You can help by calming the muscles and nervous system with good sleep, a healthy diet, meditation, hot packs, and exercise.
  • Get the right treatment team including a GP, gynaecologist, and pelvic physio, who are experts in endometriosis.
  • Treatments may include medication, surgery, conservative therapies, and physio.
  • Pelvic physio is a first-line treatment and we love to help.

If you are suffering, speak with your doctor or a pelvic physio.

Our friendly, experienced, and empathetic pelvic physios are always here to help.